The Family Funktion


The Family Funktion is a rotating collective of musicians, based out of Portland, OR, and helmed by producer/engineer/guitarist Joe Hall. Known mainly for their live events – improv jams featuring never-before assembled groups of musicians, as well as their very popular tribute shows – the collective is now venturing out into producing and recording their own singles.

The first of these singles, Share Your Love, was released Oct 27th under the Valholla Entertainment imprint. It features a handful of Portland’s finest musicians, including vocalist and lyricist Matthew Flowers (Feist, Peaches, Chilly Gonzalez), Tyrone Hendrix (Stevie Wonder), Steveland Swatkins (Allen Stone), Max Ribner (Nahko and MFTP) and Tim Snider (Nahko and MFTP). You can hear the single below!

Share Your Love

Our first single is OUT! Listen for free above and find it everywhere music is sold!


Tribute to The Meters


(and you should too)

The Meters is one of the most influential bands in modern history. They were true originators of New Orleans funk in the early 60s, have been sampled an estimated 450 times in popular music, and have influenced musicians and even entire genres of music.

Our tribute takes the audience through a retrospective of the iconic band’s career, featuring an all-out dance party. It is truly a night not-to-miss!

Stay tuned for our next performance of this very special night of music.


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